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Student Handbook

J.W. Coon Elementary School

Student Handbook


Administrative Corner

Dear Parents,

As your Principal, I take great pride in welcoming you to J.W. Coon Elementary School.  Our goals for this year are to provide strong instructional leadership, a positive school climate, a safe and orderly environment, and high expectations for all students with a strong academic program.  We encourage students and parents to accept ownership in our goals and know that J.W. Coon Elementary School exists for you. 

Parents and students are encouraged to read the handbook carefully.  This handbook will explain the rules and regulations that must be followed at J.W. Coon Elementary School.  Failure to read this book may cause your child to break a school rule. The administration will assume that all students understand the material within this book upon receiving it.  Parents are encouraged to read this handbook and discuss school policies with their child or children.


             Regina Blanding, Principal

Accelerated Reading

Reading is a vital part of learning.  J.W. Coon Elementary School requires each student to read throughout the year and earn points toward their Reading grade.  More information about the number of required points per grading period will be provided by each classroom teacher.


During the school year, several assembly programs are held for the benefit of the student body.  When in an assembly for any purpose, students are to refrain from talking and displaying disorderly conduct.  Students who misbehave during assembly programs will be asked to leave and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Attendance (Absences)

Reasons for lawful absences are as follows: illness or injury, quarantine, death in the immediate family, medical/dental appointments, religious observation, deployment activity, or an educational opportunity.  With regard to an educational opportunity or deployment activity, prior approval must be requested and received from the principal for the absence to be considered lawful. 

A student’s absence from school for any reason other than those listed above will be considered unlawful. 

Students who are absent for any reason must bring a note from home and present it to their homeroom teacher upon returning to school.  All notes should contain the following information:

  1. Date the note is written
  2. Exact date(s) absence(s) occur
  3. Exact and specific reason for absence(s)
  4. Signature of parent or guardian

School truancy is a serious offense that may result in court action.

Unexcused Tardiness/Early Release

After 7:45, parents must enter the school and sign students in.  Any student not in his/her assigned seat at 7:45 will be considered tardy. Students arriving late to class must report to the office to receive a tardy pass.

For purposes of the compulsory attendance law and/or Student Code of Conduct reasons, a student will be considered lawfully absent for one school day when the student accumulates unexcused tardies and/or unexcused early releases occurring on six or more school days in excess of thirty minutes each day.

A student will also be considered unlawfully absent if the unexcused tardies and/or unexcused early releases accumulate to twenty percent or more of the school days in a calendar month.  This regulation shall not apply to tardies and early releases excused by the principal, or designee


The state of North Carolina provides most materials necessary for your public education.  Textbooks are school and state property and should be treated accordingly.  When lost or damaged, a fee will be assessed. 

  1. New Book Full Price
  2. One year old 80%
  3. Two or more years or 60% or prorated.
  4. A fee of 50 cents or more will be charged for damaged books.

Once the classroom teacher issues a student his/her textbooks, these textbooks become the total responsibility of the student. The same books issued must be returned at the close of the school year or the student must pay for them.

Book Bags

Book bags, athletic bags, or similar items may be used only for the purpose of transporting books, and other school-related materials to and from school. Immediately upon student arrival at school, any book bag, athletic bag, or similar item must be deposited in the classroom closet.  No rolling book bags are permitted, due to space issues.

Bus Conduct

Students who ride the bus are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Those who misbehave on the school bus may be suspended from riding the bus for an indefinite period of time. The school principal/designee has the authority to suspend students from the bus for the following infractions:

  1. Delaying the bus schedule by failing to be at the designated stop
  2. Fighting, using profanity, smoking, lighting matches or cigarette lighters, pushing and tripping.
  3. Refusing to obey instruction of school authorities
  4. Tampering with a school bus: Punching holes, tearing, cutting, writing, or marking on or willfully damaging any interior or exterior part of the bus. (Punishable by suspension and payment of damages.)
  5. Holding any part of the body out of the bus windows or doors
  6. Unauthorized exiting of the bus when en route to school or home
  7. Entering or leaving the bus through the emergency door or through windows, as these are only used as exits in an emergency
  8. Leaving your seat before you reach your destination
  9. Holding or saving seats
  10. Shooting rubber bands, water pistols, or any device containing water or any other liquid
  11. Playing: throwing trash, paper, gum, or other materials or objects; popping caps or noisemakers
  12. Crossing the street at the rear of the bus when entering or leaving the bus. Cross           only in front of the bus.
  13. Having electronic devices on the bus
  14. Talking or singing too loudly, clapping hands, stomping feet, making excessive noises that may distract the driver and endanger the safety of others.
  15. Refusing to remain in seats assigned by the school authorities or bus driver.
  16. Failing to observe established safety rules and regulations.
  17. Eating, drinking, and/or littering on bus
  18. Having animals or pets of any kind on the bus
  19. Bullying others
  20. Possessing objects that will take up another student’s seat, block the aisle, or obscure the driver’s vision.

The Cumberland County Schools policy on Search and Seizure extends to students who ride the bus.

Change of Address

Inform the front office and your homeroom teacher if you change your address or telephone number anytime during the year.  Please provide the appropriate paperwork to confirm address change, which includes your new lease or contract, and utility bill.


Students who arrive at school after 7:45 must report directly to the office with their parents to check-in.  If, however, a parent does not accompany the student, the tardiness is unexcused, and parents will be notified of unexcused tardiness.

        A parental conference will be held when a student checks in on three occasions without a parent.

Students must be in school a minimum of 3 ½ hours to be counted present for the day.  A student checked out before 11:00 a.m. will be counted absent.

Any new student that accumulates three tardies/checkouts a grading period will not receive a Perfect Attendance Award at the nine weeks assemblies.  Only exceptions are for medical appointments.

No Tardy Parties are held periodically for students with no tardies.


Once students arrive on school campus during the school day, they become the responsibilities of the school.  Identification will be necessary from the parent when checking out a student.  The safety and welfare of our children are of utmost importance to us.

Students checking out before 11:oo a.m. will be counted absent for the day.  No checkouts will be allowed after 1:45 p.m.  This is a busy time for the main office and instructional time does not end until 2:10 when dismissal begins.

Clubs and Organizations

The following are clubs which are available to the student body for membership. Interested students should listen to the morning announcements for club membership requirements and meeting times.

Battle of the Books                      Safety Patrol

Go Green Team                            Civic Oration

Principal’s Advisory Council       Yearbook

Beta Club                                       Art Club

Boys and Girls Clubs

Dress Code

J.W. Coon Elementary has a Uniform Dress Code.  All students are required to adhere to the prescribed dress guidelines.


Shirts: plain white, navy blue or light blue polo, oxford style shirt or turtle neck (all shirts must have a collar)

Slacks, shorts, skorts, and jumpers: navy, khaki, or black (NO cargo, capri, or gaucho style bottoms)

Shoes: Rubber-soled shoes (No flip flops, wheelies, or high heels)

Socks: ankle, knee high, tights, hose (Non decorative) colors: white, navy, khaki, or tan

Sweaters: Navy or white (pullover or cardigan)


Shirts: plain white, navy blue, or light blue polo, oxford style shirt or turtle neck (all shirts must have a collar)

Slacks/shorts: navy, khaki, or black (No cargo style)

Shoes: rubber-soled shoes (No flip flops or wheelies)

Socks: ankle or knee (non-decorative) colors: white, navy, khaki, or tan

Sweaters: navy or white (Pullover or cardigan)

In addition:

  1. Trousers and pants are not to be sagging about the hip area.
  2. Nothing will be worn that will be offensive to any race or gender, or which displays profanity in any form.
  3. Shoes are to be worn at all times in the building and on the campus.
  4. The body’s midsection is to be fully clothed.
  5. Belts must be worn with all pants, skirts, and skorts that have belt loops.
  6. Shorts must pass “the fingertip” test.
  7. Hats, caps, scarves, bandanas, or any type of head coverings are not to be worn into the school.
  8. Coats must be placed in closets upon arrival at school.
  9. No wheelies are to be worn to school.
  10. Other items that pose a danger to student health may be prohibited by administration.

Emergency Information

Each parent must make an effort to supply the school with information pertinent to emergencies.  Students can be better protected if we have at least one phone number where one or both parents can be reached in case of an emergency.  Student should have a personal knowledge of their parent’s place of employment.

Emergency Drills

Periodically, emergency drills (tornado, lockdown, bomb threat, etc.) will be practiced during the school day.  Every month fire drills will be conducted.  Orderly evacuation of the building is the safest for all concerned.


No refunds will be given for any field trips.  Checks will only be taken with a driver’s license number, address, and current phone number on the check.


All food items brought to school will be consumed in the cafeteria during lunch hours.  The unauthorized consumption of food or drink items will not be permitted in the classroom, hall, and restrooms. Students will not be permitted to use microwaves at school to heat their lunch.

Grading Scales 


4- Above Grade Level         3- On Grade Level

2- Below Grade Level  

1 – Well Below Grade Level


A = 93-100                            B= 85-92

C = 77-84               D = 70-76

F =Below 70          S = Satisfactory

U = Unsatisfactory

I = Incomplete

Guidance Department

J.W. Coon Elementary School provides an assortment of guidance services for the benefit of the student body. These services are intended to help the student learn about his/her abilities, skills, interest, and the world around them at work, as well as how each subject and activity of the school contributes toward his/her future success.

J.W. Coon also has a full-time Social Worker, whose main function is to identify and assist in removing barriers to learning.  This is carried out through direct services, such as home visits, and enforcement of the compulsory attendance law, as well as advocacy for students and families, and serving as a liaison between the home, school, and community.

Hall Passes
Students are required to have a teacher’s hall pass when they are out of class.  Failure to have a hall pass will result in immediate discipline.


Each teacher has been strongly encouraged to assign homework each school day.  Homework is directly correlated with achievement and is considered an essential part of the student’s learning.

Hours of Operation

The official hours of J.W. Coon is 7:15 -2:15.  Supervision for students will be provided during these hours only. The front office will be open for service 7:15 -3:15 daily.  School-sponsored activities are the exception.  Students staying for these events must be picked up within 15 minutes of the ending time of the activity.

Media Center

J.W. Coon Elementary School offers a variety of media services to the students.  Books, magazines, and reference materials are available to the students in order to make learning more relevant.

  1. Items checked out from the media center are the responsibility of the student who checked them out.
  2. Internet use must not be abused. Parents must sign the Internet Use Form, before a student will be allowed to use the Internet anywhere at JWCES.
  3. Open Circulation is offered daily.


Students are not permitted to loiter on school property after hours, before school, or on non-school days. Students are not to be on campus after 2:45 p.m. unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher.  Students are not allowed to arrive to school before 7:15 a.m. as there is no adult supervision before that time.

Make-up Work

Once missed, classroom instruction can never be completely recovered or made up.  However, a student is allowed to make up his/her work, so far as possible, when he has missed school for illness or emergency, or another reason which is classified under the Board of Education Attendance Policy.  Immediately, upon his/her return to school, the student should ask the teacher for detailed assignments.  The student must complete the work in five days or less after returning from an absence.  The burden of responsibility for completing make-up work rest entirely upon the student rather than the teacher.

Non-Educational Items At School

Students are prohibited from bringing items such as toys, cell phones, i-pods, mp3 players, cameras, electronic games, PSPs, hats, sunglasses, trading cards, etc. to school.  These items will be confiscated and placed in a locked administrative office.  The items will only be return to the parents of the student they were confiscated from.  Items not retrieved by the last day of school will be discarded.

Parent Conferences

Official Parent Conference Days and Times have been placed on our school calendar.  If concerns arise between these days, parents are encouraged to make appointments for conferences with teachers, counselors, or the principal, by telephoning the school office. We request that all conferences be made after school hours or during a teacher’s planning period.  Please allow the school sufficient time to set up conferences.


The Parentlink system is the school’s primary way we keep in touch with parents.  You will receive weekly phone calls from the Principal.  Please keep us abreast of any changes to your telephone number.  If you do not receive a Parentlink weekly call, contact the school to ensure we have your correct number.  When you receive a Parentlink call, please listen to the entire message before calling the school. We only have two phone lines and they are reserved for emergencies.

Telephone Use

Students will not be allowed to use school telephones.

Theft prevention

The best way to stop thefts is to be conscious of the fact that you can eliminate the opportunities for thefts to occur.  If you have something stolen, report it to the office and your teacher immediately.  The school cannot be responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Use of Restroom Facilities

Students will only be given permission to use the restroom during class in case of emergency.  They must adhere to the posted restroom schedule.

Visitors at School

All visitors must report directly to the front office.  After ringing, the “buzzer” at the front door, approved visitors will be admitted to the building. It will be necessary for all visitors to present identification at the main office.


In case of inclement weather, parents should review with their children the procedure they want their children to follow when early school dismissal occurs.  Parents will be notified of early dismissals via ParentLink calls, local radio, and television stations.

Withdrawals and Transfers

Notify the school data manager 24 hours in advance of your withdrawal date.


A student dismissal will not be altered without a written note from a parent/guardian provided to the school 24 hours in advance.


Parties/celebrations will be kept to a minimum to protect instructional time.  Birthday parties will not be permitted at school. 

NEW: No cakes or cupcakes can be brought in for any school celebrations.  We are trying to support healthy living and decrease childhood obesity and diabetes.  Alternative healthy snacks (store bought): muffins, fruit snacks, trail mix, etc. are permitted to be passed out to the entire class in the cafeteria. No homemade food will be distributed to students. No balloons, flowers, gifts, etc. can be brought or delivered to any student.

For a printable version of the student handbook, visit the following link JWCES 2017-2018 Student Handbook


Published by Allysha Keels on February 14, 2018
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